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My News & The Big News

In Virtual Issues on February 25, 2015 at 6:16 am

February 24, 2015 will long be remembered in virtual world history as the day Dankoville came back online.

At least at my house.

I suppose most others will remember it as the day OSgrid came back online.

It appears I have been upstaged. Oh well.

I’ll be telling you more about Dankoville’s restart on these pages when I get the chance. You probably won’t have any trouble finding out more about OSgrid’s restart. Here are a couple places to start on each of these big stories. :)

The really big news first, OSgrid is back…


And the big news at my house, Dankoville has joined Naras Nook grid…


I wish both of these worlds my very best.

OSgrid HG address, LBSA plaza:

hg.osgrid.org:80:Lbsa Plaza

Dankoville HG address:


New Meta City Is Closing

In Places on January 2, 2015 at 6:19 am

Happy New Year!

Like everyone else, I have my virtual plans for 2015. Those plans include closing some things to make way for others.

By January 10th or so, my New Meta City exhibit on Kitely will be closing. That gives you one more week to come over and take a look!

New Meta City – Kitely World Page

I’m going to be using elements of this build in a couple of future projects that I plan to host on Kitely in the coming months so stay tuned to this channel for news on that down the road.

In the meantime, I am very happy to pass along the news that the new Creative Citizen Grid has chosen the New Meta City build for it’s Welcome Center and Leighton Marjoram of CCG has been putting his own touches on the build to get it ready for multiple uses. I am very pleased to see my build used in this way, especially on a grid that celebrates creativity and diversity.

Thanks to all who visited New Meta City on Kitely over the past several months.

New Meta City

New Meta City

Mr. Whybrow

In Virtual Living on December 29, 2014 at 9:52 am

Thanks to a g+ post last week by Ms. Beth Ghostraven, I learned of the RL passing of the gentle being behind the avatar, Alastair Whybrow.

Mr. Whybrow was my friend and neighbor when my Evergreen Pub was located in Caledon SouthEnd in Second Life, right across the street from his fine jewelry store. I will never forget my first day in the neighborhood when Mr. Whybrow came out of his store to greet me and to comment favorably on the addition of the pub and to offer any assistance.

We chatted about neighborhood news on a regular basis, always remaining in our proper Victorian characters, even in IM. But we did drop the formality of Mr. Whybrow and Mr. Whitfield when in private convo, then it was always the more familiar, “Mr. W.” And we would delight in the fact that we were both Mr. W. and therefore the convo often became rather silly, even when serious issues were being discussed.

But my favorite memories of Mr. W, will always be the spur-of-the-moment RP he would engage in, in ISC (Caledon) Chat. Usually it was something started by someone else. Then Alastair would jump in and get the ball rolling. And soon we were off on some brief, silly, joyous Caledonian adventure. Whether I joined in the RP or just read along with others tuned in at that time, Mr. Whybrow always gave us a series of laughs.

When an opportunity to relocate my pub came up, Mr. Whybrow purchased my land and created a nice public garden, which I returned to visit a few times.

This morning I went back to the old neighborhood in SouthEnd. I knew there would be some sort of remembrance in place, as they always do these things right in Caledon. Both Bluebird Park and the parcel where his Sparkle of Sound fine jewelry store and adjacent buildings stood are now the sites of memorials and tributes. Flags in Caledon are lowered to half staff in Mr. Whybrow’s memory.

I shall raise a glass to Alastair Whybrow this evening at the new location of the Evergreen Pub. You touched me and many others with your kindness and humor. Fair winds, Mr. W.


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