Evergreen, a Myst/Uru-inspired World on Kitely

I’ve spent a lot of time this past week documenting Evergreen, my four-region world on Kitely. I am merely the host of this world (the Custodian in RP), not the builder (credits below). It has been open for a little over a month.

These regions (ages) are inspired by Myst/Uru. If you are a fan of this genre, while in Kitely, search ‘Devokan’ in the Public Worlds section and you will find other Myst/Uru-inspired worlds.

If you would like to take a look at photos of my sim, you can go to my Flickr page and view the set called Evergreen-Devokan.

My latest RP story about Evergreen can be read on my other blog, Steaming Along. The story is called “Return To Devokan.” This story – which is basically a tour of the sim – was written as the start of a new RP thread on the Kitely forums and can be read there as well.

You can visit Evergreen for free in Kitely, your account will not be charged minutes, I pay that as your host.

Regions Credits: Selenitica: Paislee Myrtle; Kamar and Satori: Shenn Tao; Tao: Leah Auxifur and Shenn Tao. Dot Macchi did the work to bring these ages together in one megaregion.

It’s fun to explore, I hope you will visit.

When you visit Evergreen, you arrive in the age of Selenitica.

When you visit Evergreen, you arrive in the age of Selenitica.


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  1. very cool, i am going to study your approach to see what i can learn from it for Hax Nuit in Kitely – i like to build but have no clue how to make this region into something fun for others (i too love Myst) =)


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