Steelhead Main Sim To Close – But Stay Tuned…

With the recent announcement that the Armada Breakaway sim will close at the end of the month, a message today that the main Steelhead sim will close too, seemed at first like just another piece of bad news for The Steamlands of Second Life. However, this latest news comes with quite a twist. The current Steelhead region will close for good after standing for over six years but it will be replaced by a new Steelhead in an odd turn of events.

It turns out that of the seven-region Steelhead estate, this one sim belongs to its first owner, Kattryn Severine, while the other six belong to TotalLunar Eclipse who runs the entire Steelhead estate with his wife, Tensai Hilra. Severine has gone AWOL. Her avatar has not logged into SL since May of 2011 and, according to the announcement today from Lunar, Severine has stopped paying Linden Lab for the sim.

But the good news is that Lunar and Tensai are shopping for another sim to replace Steelhead’s prime region and will rebuild it, keeping the seven-region estate intact under one owner.

Although the details have not been made public, it is unfortunate that Linden Lab would not allow Lunar and Tensai to take over the Steelhead sim nor care enough about a long-time SL community to notify them as to why the region had suddenly gone offline.

Here is the complete statement sent out by Lunar today in a notice to the members of the group, The Citizens of Steelhead City…

An update of what has been happening. I have been working in the RL for many many hours and have not been able to address this issue thoroughly.

The sim known as Steelhead will cease to exist in a day or two or even sooner than that.

As I own six Steelhead sims unfortunately I do not own main Steelhead. It belongs to Kattryn Severine, the original owner and creator of Steelhead for over six years. Tensai and I have stewarded the sim for her for over five years and in that time I have purchased six sims to expand Steelhead to become seven total. We have offered to purchase the sim Steelhead from Miss Severine for many years and she has refused, the sim was too sentimental for her to part with.

Recently the sim went offline and after calling LL we were told that Miss Severine had stopped paying the sim. We are unable to reach Miss Severine in RL. And unfortunately without her transferring the sim to myself I cannot take over payments.

We have negotiated with LL to keep the sim up for just long enough to pick up buildings, streets etc but inevitably Steelhead (the main sim) will go offline. We are not sure when exactly this will happen.

We are looking around to purchase another sim to replace this one. But it means we must clear the sim and with that people’s objects are going to be returned.

What happens now? We are looking around to purchase a suitable sim and start it from the ground up. Recently I have been rebuilding the streets and was in the process of major renovation. So this change, though drastic, is actually welcome.

Most the buildings have been created by myself, all the streets are in my name so when we purchase a sim laying the new foundation will be easy if not mostly completed in my inventory.

After buying a new sim, all seven sims will be in my name and in my ownership.

Tensai and I are looking to credit renters in Steelhead (the main sim) with an extra month after the sim has been replaced and rebuilt and ready for people to move back into. For a week or even two there are options to move temporarily to the other six sims. We will do this for free until the new sim is ready to move back into.

As always if you have any questions or concerns or if you know of someone selling a sim that we can purchase please contact Tensai or myself

Thank you,

TotalLunar Eclipse


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