Armada Breaks Away

Tonight is the night – the last chance to visit Armada Breakaway, the home of a motley but proud floating steampunk city of raiders, pirates, scallywags, ladies and gentlemen, urchins and the like.

It’s origin…

“After a heavy storm unlike any Armada had seen for many a year one small section was torn off and found itself alone and lost at sea. Discovered and repaired by some travellers it is now beginning again and anew.”

It’s end…

They’re burning the place down!

Owner & Commander Vernden Jervil said in a group notice on Thursday, “autoreturn is off in the public areas and it is time to start the fires! Just over 2 days left to burn it all down! anyone who wants to join in the burn and rez a small flaming ship in the Armada seas do feel free.”

Armada Breakaway burns

Armada Breakaway burns

Tonight there will be a “last performance” of the Armada Sirens dance troupe at 6 pm SLT followed by DJ Ahynanka Delphin from 7 to 9 o’clock.

Earlier, by notecard, Cmdr. Jervil outlined the RP opportunities in the sim’s closing. All of the details are on the blog of Armada pirate, Ceejay Writer…


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