New Steelhead sim – Hey, I was just here!

Here’s something a little different for curious explorers….

The new Steelhead prime sim is in place. New construction has not yet begun. It’s a used sim. And it’s familiar to well-travelled SL Steamlanders. A couple of days ago it was Armada Breakaway!

For the moment, the Armada ships and buildings are still there, on fire.  You can be in two Steamland nations at once…when you’re not anywhere at all! To borrow a phrase.

It’s always nice to bring two recent, seemingly unrelated, stories together.  🙂


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2 Responses to New Steelhead sim – Hey, I was just here!

  1. isn’t a steelhead a type of fish?

    sounds like a steampunk sim from what yo uwrite – is there a flickr set of pics for this? thanks! =)


    • Hi Ener,
      Steelhead is a type of fish, a salmon. The Steelhead SL sim is located in the northwest US in the late 19th century. It is a Victorian Steampunk-style sim. The salmon is the local currency there! Steelhead has been around in SL from the earliest days, I believe it’s older than both New Babbage and Caledon…so I would guess the answer to your flickr question is yes.


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