Come to Winterfell!

Winterfell Anodyne

Here’s something unusual. There is plenty of land available in Winterfell.

The first week of March will mark three years since I moved to Winterfell. Like lots of places in SL, land has changed hands many times in three years. But until not too long ago, there was never much land available here. A parcel here or there but not much to choose from. But things are different right now. No single reason. Last year a large minority community within Winterfell left to start their own sim. That caused a lot of land to be available all at once, an unusual situation. In this economy, it takes a long time to recover from something like that. So that’s a big part of it. Add to that the general economic situation in RL and SL and here we are. You can find the perfect parcel (or two) right now.

In the southern towns there are a number of 1024s and 512s available. Good for commercial or residential use. In the north, where the landscape is woods and waterways, Winterfell Sanctuary, has just been redesigned completely and has 4096s available. If you ride or raise horses, that area will be of particular interest.

Winterfell in SL has been around since 2006. Here’s a quote from the covenant…

“Winterfell is a fantasy realm modeled after old world Europe and is graced with deep forests, rolling hills, grand estates, charming towns and many waterways to explore….

Winterfell is a fantasy setting welcoming the European architectural styles ranging from the Tudor Period (1500’s) to the Georgian Era (early 1800’s).”

And there’s also a bit of Steampunk thrown in, early Steampunk I call it. That’s how I ended up here.

I have a new pub in the south of Winterfell, The Storytellers Pub in Laudanum. There are 512s next to it that are perfect for shops. I live up north in Ebonshire in a writers and artists colony where there are still some cabins available at a great rate.

Others news from Winterfell…

The Ferry has returned with an updated route. The Winterfell Ferry is one of the gems of Second Life. If you have never taken it, do yourself a favor. A couple years back it was voted the Most Romantic setting in SL. It’s a great ride with your significant other or you can treat yourself. Beautiful scenery.

We have a new sim too. It’s called Here Be Dragons and it is open water, great for sailing. There is a lot of good sailing across Winterfell. I took a trip from Here Be Dragons up to Ebonshire a couple of weeks ago. Fantastic!

We also have a new community blog:

Come to Winterfell!


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