3Dmee Faux Update

I have written twice on these pages about the virtual world, 3Dmee. For a while I was calling it a “virtual virtual world” as I wasn’t totally convinced it existed.

The first time I wrote about it was on December 14 in an article called: 3D – Not! -mee


That article covers my checking out several virtual worlds and attempting to include 3Dmee in my little survey.

On January 10, I published a post called Update


which let you know how far my attempt to get into 3Dmee had come.

Today, I received a Comment on that Update post and I actually replied to it, which, as we’ve learned, is something unusual for me. (Hell, who knows, maybe I’m turning over a new leaf.)

I thought it might be worth reprinting the Comment and my Reply here. It’s certainly easier than writing a new piece from scratch.  🙂

You might want to read the two original posts first…or not.

Rock Vacirca’s Comment on “Update”:

Has anyone managed to get into 3DMee yet. I am struggling to find any reviews. It was born out of the Open Life Grid, if I am not mistaken, but uses a different engine, again, if I am not mistaken. Would love some info,

Danko’s Reply:

Hi Rock,

I finally did get a chance to try it and I did get inworld. Have been planning to write about it but haven’t yet for two reasons. One, I have a lot of other things on my plate at the moment and Two, I never left the welcome area at 3Dmee. I was in there for about 30-45 minutes, looked around, tweaked my avatar and was ready to start exploring…when I crashed and couldn’t get back in.

So, I don’t really have much to say about them yet and I haven’t actually been inspired to drop everything and rush back to a grid that made me wait 5 1/2 weeks to enter.

But I thought I should answer your query to confirm that it is possible, if difficult to get in to 3Dmee…and to offer the opinion that the lack of reviews may tell us that others have the same feeling about that grid that I do… “yeah, yeah, someday when I have nothing else to do, I’ll try it again.

If you try it and are successful, let us know.


At some point, maybe I’ll have a legitimate update on 3Dmee. Maybe. Hey, it’s not like I didn’t try. I’m just not into jumping through a lot of hoops in order to have fun when there are places to have fun that don’t involve hoops.


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2 Responses to 3Dmee Faux Update

  1. Shiny 3Dmee says:

    Sorry you had that trouble, you no longer have to wait to join. And we’re launching FireCall project for 3Dmee tommorrow we hope your experience improves 🙂 If you need a hand contact Shiny.3Dmee -> http://3dmee.com/!/Shiny.3Dmee


    • Thanks for writing Shiny. I did go back to 3Dmee the other day. Had to tweak my avatar from scratch as my previous changes hadn’t saved. So I was in the Welcome area – which is very nice, by the way – for about 15 minutes or so but, unfortunately, crashed before I could go exploring. Another time.


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