LL Changing Abandoned Land Policy

Linden Lab appears to be either changing its policy or strategy regarding abandoned land.

I have noticed several times in the last few weeks that abandoned mainland parcels have either been taken off the market or have not been put on sale when abandoned. I have observed this only when there is a large amount of abandoned land in a given region.

In some cases all of the abandoned land in a region is joined together, in others only adjacent abandoned parcels are joined and elsewhere there are regions where the abandoned parcels are not joined. My impression is that this aspect of it is simply a question of when the parcels were abandoned and how recently a Linden has had reason to visit the region to tend to an issue involving abandoned land (for example, a parcel on which objects have been left behind and had to be returned).

But the bigger picture of why the land is not being put up for sale after being abandoned is what got my attention.

In the past, abandoned land could sit there literally for years before being put up for auction or sold, in some cases, to an adjacent land owner. But for almost two years abandoned parcels have either automatically gone on sale once abandoned or reserved for the person or group that has just abandoned it for a limited amount of time (one to 24 hours) and then put on sale. This policy has been evolving.

Now however – at least in mainland regions with a high percentage of abandoned land, when you abandon a parcel, it is not reserved for you to repurchase nor does it immediately go on sale. Instead the “Not for Sale” notice is posted in the About Land window and the description of the parcel directs one to the Abandoned Land page in the Knowledge Base…


There have been reports of a shortage of Linden Homes in recent months and residents seeking them have had to wait. With a large percentage of abandoned mainland available, it might make some sense to dedicate it to some new approach to Linden Homes.

But whether LL goes that route or not, it’s long overdue that they take up the issue of abandoned land. In RL when you go through an area where most of the land is for sale you think, “What’s going on here? What’s wrong with this place? Why is everybody leaving?” These are not good questions for newcomers to SL to be asking when they explore the Mainland.

I have referred in the past to Governor Linden as an “absentee landlord.” Is the Governor about to do something on the important issue of abandoned land? I certainly hope so. I wonder how long we will have to wait to see? It’s another one of those “in the meantime…” items that faces LL. How about this, Governor? Whatever it is you’re doing, how about at least putting some trees on these square acres and acres of empty land while we’re waiting? At least it would make things look nicer for visitors, explorers and the neighbors who live in these places and are paying you tier.


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5 Responses to LL Changing Abandoned Land Policy

  1. jubjubforder says:

    Interesting – I never considered they might be reserving it for Premium homes. It’d be great if they stopped that segregation of new Premium members.
    I’d even be happy if they only removed the barrier/punishment Premiums get when they shift their 512 to mainland.


  2. Inara Pey says:


    The policy changed in mid-January. I noticed as a result of nosing through server release notes at the time, and covered it in brief on my blog.

    Not sure about the land being reserved for Linden Homes – there is no shortage of the latter per se, but rather a perceived shortage in the choice of house types. This actually happens pretty regularly (one or more of the four “themes” failing to offer a full selection of the availabe styles of home in the theme or a theme itself failing to show up).

    Often, this is simply down to the web mechanism stalling, rather than any actual in-world shortage, and is fixed by someone at the Lab going in and manually refreshing things to get the ball rolling properly again. It’s actually how I can to get the style of house I wanted – after waiting days for the style to show up, I finally poked a Linden in live chat, and 24 hours (ish) later the entire Tahoe range of houses was once again available, having previously been stuck on a choice of just 3.


    • It is a bit odd that they would, in a sense, “tie up” entire regions. It’s as if they are waiting for the remaining landowners to abandon as well…but to what end? I can certainly guess but it would be just a guess as LL has given no hint of what they have in mind. I wonder if at some point they might even incentivize the remaining landholders in regions with mostly abandoned land to leave? I doubt it but if they really do have a plan I suppose it is a possibility at some point. But, sad to say, it’s also possible they don’t really have a plan.


      • Inara Pey says:

        I’ve honestly no idea. A fair part of the feedback to my piece on the move points to the resale / buy-back option having been subject to some “abuse”. There is also a suggestion that the move is intended to prevent people from carving abandoned land to add to their own without hitting a tier bump limit.

        IF either of these are true, it could simply be that LL made the move without any plan for broader action, but simply as a means to an end.

        Many they’re looking towards some kind of “continent consolidation” – although this is hard to really believe as a) it would cause a large degree of upheaval and upset, and b) perceived as a sign that SL is “dying” and that LL really are in the fiscal doo-doos.

        Unless and until we see something else emerging, it’s impossible to tell, as you say. I just don’t think that whatever it is, if it is anything at all, it is in any way related to Linden Homes.


  3. Oh, I don’t think it has anything to do with Linden Homes either. In the article above I don’t state that it does, only that the so-called shortage has been reported elsewhere and that it might be an idea for LL to consider. I’d be shocked if they did that. First of all, I don’t know how difficult it would be logistically but secondly, even if it made perfect sense, it’s a much too creative idea for LL to even consider.

    When I said, in my reply to you, that I could guess at what they might be up to…certainly “consolidation” has crossed my mind but I agree with you, they’d be unlikely to do it except under the most extreme circumstance and they are not even close to that.


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