3Dmee Again

Finally! A visit to 3Dmee that did not end due to a crash. I did crash but only once this time. I wanted to wait to write about 3Dmee again until I had something positive to say. This was my fourth visit and while I did encounter several problems, I had enough fun there that I will keep it on my list of worlds to return to in the future.

The fun part was a trip to the Nocturne region. This is a dark fantasy place, perfect for roleplay or exploring. The owner is Grimley Graves, whose profile claims he is “the only fulltime Zombie in 3Dmee.” I believe him.

There were medieval cottages, a cemetery, mausoleum (be careful in there!), a very nice pub and a castle on a mountain. A really nice job has been done here.

Nocturne on 3Dmee

Nocturne on 3Dmee

On my way down the mountain I ran into another tourist. “Is there anyone in this world?” she asked. “This is my fourth visit and you’re the first person I’ve seen,” I replied. She said she was looking for an “open sim alternative to Second Life” adding she is still an SL resident, and that she has explored several possible alternatives but these worlds are all empty. (Of course, people say that about SL too.)

I also visited Community Island, a nice hilltop Italian-themed village. I had forgotten that I had actually made it out of the Welcome area once before and visited this village briefly before a crash ended that tour. It looks like a central gathering place and, considering the name, I’m assuming that’s what it is. There were a few freebies there but seeing Christmas items available did make it seem like nobody is really minding the store. Still, I liked this village very much and could see myself sitting in the well-appointed cafe here and enjoying a quiet moment. Also in this region there was a very nice planetarium and observatory.

There were tech problems on this visit, as there were on my previous ones. The most comical one came after I had given up on trying to get my hair to rez. As I rounded a corner leaving the castle in Nocturne, I noticed that my hair had indeed rezzed – it was following me, several meters away. I used the Edit window to get it back to its rightful place.

My other stop was called Warehouse, if I remember correctly. It was a freebie area. Very large warehouses with a very small selection of items. I realize the grid is new but I’d suggest getting smaller buildings for now or else making the addition of more items a priority. You really don’t want it looking the way it does now for very long.

As I say, I will visit 3Dmee again but not soon. The reason is that at the Welcome area there is a big teleport board with pictures of places to visit. There are 28 slots but only seven places which are repeated. Nocturne, Warehouse and Community Island were on that board on each of my four visits. I am running out of places to explore. Again I know it’s new, but either get more places on the board or make the board smaller, with fewer slots. As with the huge warehouses, you don’t want to emphasize how small your selection is.

Don’t fret fans of 3Dmee, I’m rooting for you, as I do for all virtual worlds. I’ll go back after awhile in hopes that new content and places have been added,  otherwise there’s no reason to do so and it becomes, “3Dmee? Been there, done that.”

Community Island on 3Dmee

Community Island on 3Dmee

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