Virtual Business 101

Attention Store Owners:

Put your damn store in your profile picks.

Especially if your world doesn’t have a good search tool.

Thank you.


This has been driving me nuts since Day 1 in virtual worlds. I see it all the time! I’ll read a profile that promotes the person’s store, look in their picks to get the landmark and…nuthin’. Then I search the name of the store and their group comes up but no LM. So I am relegated to joining the group for a few minutes, so I can see the members, and then going through the CUSTOMER’S picks to see if they have added the store. That often works but not always. And how ridiculous is it that I am finding your store that way? Do you want us to come to your damn store or not?

No, it’s not because they are on the Marketplace and don’t have an inworld store. It’s because they’re asleep at the wheel. This problem existed BEFORE there was a Marketplace in SL and it still exists. And it happens in other worlds that don’t even have a Marketplace.

It’s inexplicable that someone could own a store or venue – especially if it’s their main activity inworld – and not put it in their picks. Duh!


There. I feel much better now.

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