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From time to time I post a note here about the Devokan Storytellers group. As you can see on the navigation bar above, they have their own page on this site. On that page information about our next monthly gathering appears along with notes from our previous sessions.

If you are a fan of Myst, please give it a look and consider attending one of our gatherings on Kitely grid. The purpose of the gatherings is to give RP storytellers and writers in the Myst/Uru genre a place to share ideas, news, information, gossip, tea, biscuits, thoughts on issues of interest or concern and possibly even to inspire collaboration.

The next gathering is Sunday, 7 April 2013 at 15:00 UTC in the world of Curiosity on Kitely grid …4p UK…11a US ET…8a US PT

The group is sponsored by The Devokan Trust, which originated a few years ago in the midst of collaborative story-telling by fans of Myst who were players of MystOnline/UruLive. Their group storytelling took place mostly on the MOUL forum, in the form of RP writing.

The Trust’s projects have grown beyond that and, for quite some time now, sims in the Myst/Uru genre have appeared in several virtual worlds. Quite a number of sims created or curated by Trust members can now be visited on the Kitely grid. They are beautiful, mysterious and immersive and evoke the sense and feeling of journeys into Myst and its related games. They are definitely worth a visit even if you don’t think of yourself as a Myst fan but simply like to explore different environments.

I encourage RP writers to visit The Devokan Trust forums. There you will find Myst/Uru-style storythreads as well as information about the Trust’s projects and practical info about some of the problems or issues we face in building or exploring in virtual worlds.

From a legal standpoint, The Devokan Trust does not exist. It is fan fiction, roleplay. But to those of us who have become involved in its work, it is very real.

As for me personally, I first learned of Devokan in 2010 as a couple of my friends in Winterfell were much involved with it. I followed their blogs about it and sometimes read their posts on the MOUL forums and occasionally played a small part in their stories or wrote them into my own RP stories. But I never had time to get directly involved until November 2012. Now I take part in several ways including leading our Devokan Storytellers gatherings each month. While I still have other unrelated projects and activities in my virtual life, Devokan has become an important and cherished part of it. I say this to encourage other newcomers to join in. There are several ways to do so and you can create your own way. Don’t let the fact that some members have been involved for several years scare you off. They are a very welcoming, helpful group, willing to collaborate with you and your story or simply guide or advise and leave you to do it on your own terms.

If you’d like to read some of my RP stories related to Devokan, you can do so here on my other blog.

Here’s the group’s official introduction and mission statement…

The Devokan Trust is a (fictional) organisation whose aim is “To research and restore what was lost”.

Think back to the library in the original MystIsland, the shock you felt when you opened book after book, seeing the destruction wrought by fire. What worlds and wonders were lost as a result? Are we beginning to find them, as we build in the D’ni way, or experiment in other worlds?

Our aim is to try to build immersive worlds (“Ages” in Myst/Uru parlance) that people will enjoy exploring, whether alone or together. Gentle role-play, in the Myst/Uru style, is very welcome.

One of the intentions of bringing the Ages to Kitely is to try to tell the different stories a little more coherently in world — so please see all these as “work in progress”. To find the other Ages, search for “Devokan” on Kitely’s Public Worlds page.

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