The Soap Opera At OSgrid

If you don’t know what the above title refers to…lucky you.

I have gone out of my way to avoid commenting on this mess because it really doesn’t affect me…but as it goes on and on, I have to ask: Can the leaders of OSgrid get their heads any further up their collective asses?

No, I didn’t think so.

And this Walter guy…whatever his role is there…is he the same Walter that founded an anti-Hypergrid group in OSgrid? Doesn’t that go against the whole idea of OSG? I saw a response of his to an OSG resident on some forum who was sad and ashamed of what is going on there. And Walter simply tried to belittle him rather than listen to his complaints. That’s not how you do it.

If the people running and influencing the operation of OSG these days are not idiots and jerks, they certainly do give the appearance of same. Even if every move they’ve made is right (highly unlikely), they ought to think about how they’ve made them and how they look. They ought to THINK about something.



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