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I have wondered for a long time whether it would be a smart move for Linden Lab to double the amount of “free land” you get for having a premium account. LL does seem to want people to have premium accounts and the tier rights to a 1024sqm parcel would certainly be more appealing to most users than a free sailboat.

Vacant Mainland is a huge problem with Second Life. From a marketing standpoint alone – it just looks bad. It is not going to inspire nor cause one to aspire. I used to spend hours exploring the Mainland. It’s not worth my time now. So I’m sure I miss out on some wonderful things there.

If I got a 1024 instead of a 512, I would likely hold on to my premium account. But my current plan is to let it expire when the renewal date comes up this summer.

Would a “free” 1024 for premiums solve all of LL’s problems? Not even close. Just as no one problem will kill SL, no one action will save it. But it is one of those “in the meantime” moves LL could make that I asked about in a previous article.

Killing off Linden Homes would be a good idea too. But phase them out along with the adoption of a “free” 1024 and you could gradually move people back to populate the Mainland and make living and visiting there more fun. It would also help the SL economy in a number of ways. For example, the people who sell things that landowners use would see an increase in sales.

When I would suggest the 1024 rather than 512 premium feature a few years ago, I was told, “That will kill the land market.” Well, you can’t kill the land market anymore than the RL economy and LL decisions have since those heady days of yore. The land market is dead, real dead.

The knee-jerk reaction to this is: “Yeah, then the next thing you’ll want is to make it a free 2048…and then a 4096…and then, where does it end?” Well, all you’re arguing about there is where to draw the line. Which is all I’m arguing about. LL has drawn the line at 512 and how well has that been working? Time to try something else. Or not, just let it die some more.


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  1. jubjubforder says:

    Good idea, as it is there is a barrier to newbies leaving their freebie 512 homes.
    On mainland a 512 gets you 117 prims… in Linden Homes it gets you 117 prims + a house.


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