To Party Or Not To Party?

In February, I opened a new pub in Winterfell (Second Life) and more recently, I expanded it. It’s called the Storytellers Pub. Winterfell is a land of story, don’t you know. Time to hold an event. Need a theme. Let’s see, end of April, what could we celebrate? Oh, the anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birth is this week. That fits nicely. Consider this your invitation…

Shakespeare’s Rez Day Party

Wednesday 24 April

6p SLT (Pacific US)

90 minutes

Your DJ – Ms. Patty Poppy

Your Host – Amb. Danko Whitfield

Storytellers Pub

Winterfell Laudanum

Poppy’s playlist spans the centuries and is inspired by the bard himself.

What to wear? Casual? Sure. Dressy? Sure. Dress as one of the bard’s characters? Sure. As you like it.

Me thinks ’tis nobler to party. Hope to see you there.


About Danko Whitfield

writer, explorer of virtual worlds. semi-retired time traveler.
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