Linda Kellie Henson

UPDATED July 13, 2015: Today there was big news about Linda on the blog of DigiWorldz grid…

DigiWorldz has been keeping a secret


Linda has announced all of her websites will go offline for good Saturday night at midnight, Eastern US time.

Linda had removed herself from all virtual world activity recently, other than to create virtual goods on an offline standalone grid in order to put them on one central website to allow free downloads. Now she says she will stop that final virtual project as well and walk away.

For those of you who are OpenSim veterans, you know Linda’s work and you know her story. I only became involved with OpenSim in a big way last fall, here’s all I know – and all I care to know…

I met and chatted with Linda a few times during the short life of Aurorascape, in February and March of this year. She was kind and helpful to me. I’m aware of the situations she encountered on certain grids though I did not seek the details as I felt it was really none of my business.

All I know is, Linda spent a lot of time creating a lot of great things and then made them easy to find and gave them away free, no strings attached. That is admirable.

I’m sorry to hear Linda is going through difficult times. I hope the changes she is making will bring her peace of mind.

Her work will be around a long time. I hope everyone will make their best effort to keep her name attached to her creations. She will be remembered as a pioneer of OpenSim.


Added May 18:

Timothy Rogers of Zetamex has announced the following…

Zetamex has purchased the rights to and will be setting up everything in a new fasion on our own servers with all of Linda Kellie(Henson’s) creations. This will be online with no connection to Linda Kellie(Henson) anymore, completely under Zetamex. All content will remain pulbic domain, that will not change.

I have also been told upon this transaction that Linda no longer wishes to be contacted about her site, creations, or virtual worlds as part of this. For support or inquiries you should contact Zetamex for all of these requests.


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6 Responses to Linda Kellie Henson

  1. Sunbeam says:

    Well said, she has had her ups and downs for sure, more than any avi I’ve known… truly many admire her creations and generous giving attitude! She will missed by many! ♥


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  4. Totally! Like most of us, Linda has her problems, the biggest one I feel has been to put too much of herself into her creating things for people. When she created something – it wasn’t just a “thing she made for you” – there was some of her soul in there too. This always left her vulnerable and when she got hurt she lashed out… and knowing she had done that – hurt her even more.

    I met her in OSgrid a while back and then went with her to SpotOn3D and since then have considered myself one of her good friends. She has managed to get a lot more peace since giving up being directly involved in virtual worlds, but has still been able to get hurt because she can never say no to people and then allows herself to get hurt. Leaving totally will – I hope – help her to get the peace I know she deserves.

    The work she has done in the past will always be remembered. Sure there are some that have been hit by her lashing out and they may no longer consider her a friend – but even they will acknowledged she has done a lot for the OS community.

    For myself, I only wish her happiness.


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    As Linda goes offline, I with my virtual “Twin” partners (SarVana Haalan and Sarvana Cherry would like to say… Thank you “Linda Kellie” for your generous gift of freebies to our virtual world communities”. Peace, blessings, and much success!


  6. Rafael Cancian says:

    I’m so sorry. I hope she can find what she’s looking for.


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