AviWorlds Down, Out?

About a month ago, AviWorlds began the process of moving from a hosting company to its own servers. Problems came up and the grid’s return was postponed more than once. Then not much was heard for several days. Tweets were sent out today, stating that AviWorlds is closed, at least for now. The AviWorlds’ Facebook page has the following statement….

Unfortunately AviWorlds will have to start over from scratch. This means everyone will need to re register and build up inventories again. Reason being our data base had too many problems and errors and this is preventing it from being restored.

From day one AviWorlds had data base problems causing many residents to have their inventories disappear and groups also had problems causing everyone to crash once notice or group chats were used. This was the reason I decided to stop and change hosting companies.

We waited 4 1/2 months from the problems to be resolved by dreamland metaverse (hosting company). Nothing was resolved so we decided to move on but the data base provided by the hosting company is not good. Cant be restored. We tried for almost 4 weeks now with different programers and hosting companies and all of them had the same results. NO GOOD.

Now I am faced with a new decision which is bring AviWorlds back or not. I want to bring it back but it will be from scratch.

I m sorry for the troubles this will cause and I hope one day we can compensate all this by creating a wonderful virtual world.
– Alex AviWorlds


Added June 4, 2013

AviWorlds went back online on May 27.



Added July 24, 2013

AviWorlds down, Vendor offers migration – from Hypergrid Business

Note from Danko: This is absolutely the last time I will ever waste any space or my time or yours, with an update on AviWorlds or any virtual world endeavor that its owner, Alexsandro Pomposelli, is involved with.


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