Something “Fantastic” On The Horizon In SL?

Morning. Coffee in hand, I am trying to enter a brand new virtual world. Brand new. As in, went online yesterday. I was the fourth person to open an account. There’s only one region to explore. But I couldn’t get inworld last night so I am trying again this morning.

No luck. Sent a note to the grid owner via Google+

Now to read the morning news…

Checking the usual places, Inara, Ciaran, GridGod, Twitter, FB, etc. On to Daniel Voyager’s newsy blog…headline:

Rodvik Humble Visits Bay City

Hmmm. That’s unusual. Reading Daniel’s story…

Rodvik Humble who is CEO of Linden Lab today came inworld for about half an hour to hang out with SL residents in the Weston region in Bay City. A large crowd formed around Rodvik within minutes and had a interesting discussion. The reason that Rodvik Humble came inworld will be revealed soon. Wooooot!!!!

I’m glad Daniel noted this Rodvik Humble’s title as I thought I had heard the name sometime back, just couldn’t place it.

Then looking at the comments following the story….


It is nice Linden Lab is acknowledging mainland communities. Mabey he will announce more double prim mainland. That may rejuvenate the mainland and we won’t see so many abandoned regions.

Daniel Voyager:

I agree and I wish for this acknowledgement to continue. Its bigger than that and its going to be fantastic. *spoilers*


Bigger than double prim mainland?


Okay Daniel, you got my attention.


Related article on Daniel Voyager’s blog…


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6 Responses to Something “Fantastic” On The Horizon In SL?

  1. It’s going to be really amazing and it’s going to be something big online. 🙂


  2. Inara Pey says:

    Hush, Daniel! Mustn’t spoil the surprise! 😉


  3. So Daniel… if LL has something big to announce and Rodvik is suddenly showing up inworld and the 10th B’Day bash is two weeks away…should I be guessing the big news is coming during the birthday celebration?

    And by the way, shouldn’t they be calling it their 10tth Rez Day?


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