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I have an inworld group in Second Life (with chapters in a couple other virtual worlds) called Danko Whitfield’s Readers. Today I sent this notice out to inform members (and a few others) of some changes to my line-up of blogs. (Note: no changes on THIS site.)



TO: Members of Danko Whitfield’s Readers and assorted friends

DATE: May 28, 2013

RE: My own little blogosphere

Dear Reader,

I have not been good about sending out notices to this group in recent months – but who is going to complain about not getting enough group notices? 🙂

I have big news this week that I must pass on to you. I now have four – FOUR! – online homes for my writing about virtual worlds.

The most important item to let long-time readers know about is that the blog that started all of this madness has moved! Steaming Along: Danko Whitfield In The 19th Century can now be found here:

The former address of the above blog is still mine, it will become a sort of central portal and clearinghouse for all of my writing about virtual worlds, whether on my own blogs or elsewhere. It will contain new and original material as well. At present it is simply referred to by my name, Danko Whitfield, and is here:

The OOC blog I began last December to write about the news and issues of virtual worlds has become rather popular. If you haven’t already, please check out Journey To The Center Of The Metaverse:

And I have a new blog, started yesterday, called Danko’s Journal. It’s sort of “the blog behind the blogs.” Here I will be giving details of my virtual worlds travels. Some of the writing here will eventually be developed into articles or stories for the two older blogs but there will be more specific information here about travelling to the various virtual world grids that won’t be posted elsewhere. The kind of info that other explorers and those who like to read about such things will find informative and interesting:

If you Follow my original blog, Steaming Along, please go to the new URL address today and click the Follow button on the new page so you can continue to keep tabs on the “wanderings of a Steampunk Explorer.” It’s a big deal to move a blog and it is not something I did lightly. There is still some tinkering to do so please let me know if you encounter any problems.

There is a lot more I can say about this burgeoning writing and publishing empire…but I think I’ll save that to post here and there along the way. I certainly have enough places to do it.

As always, thank you for the kindness of your readership.

Danko Whitfield



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