Starting A Grid

My friend Jamie Wright posted something today that I very much relate to, on her blog, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the OpenSim. She praised the “geeks” who create a grid from scratch, saying she has thought about doing that herself but has held back.

It is tempting, isn’t it?

It’s not that I’ve given it a lot of thought myself but I have, in the past, seriously considered other types of large projects, so I know exactly what you’re saying, Jamie.

Starting a grid has only crossed my mind lately. Fortunately it did so at a time when I’m way past starting a huge project, having decided a few years ago to let others do that part and I’ll just come along and be one of the townsfolk or visitors.

I still have my projects but I try to keep them small enough to be easily manageable. And I create projects that allow me to walk away for days at a time for when I get busy with one particular thing or I just need a break. Sure I get ideas for bigger projects but as I think them through and they start to approach that certain point, I smile, back off and look at it as a reminder of why I left the rat race in the first place.

So, as Jamie says, blessed are the geeks. Thank you for making that space available for others to fill with wonderful, magical stuff and for me to come along to explore and play.

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