Yeah, So?

The “big” news that would be “fantastic” and “really amazing and it’s going to be something big online” from Second Life yesterday apparently was the release of the latest Drax Files episode which featured an interview with Linden Lab CEO Rod Humble.

The “news” that Mr. Humble would appear in the video leaked out last week, leaving the actual release of the video and its content as the only remaining “news.”

I know I’m not supposed to say something like this but: I’m just not interested enough to watch.

The CEO gave an interview. Isn’t that what CEOs are supposed to do? I realize it’s a rare thing with this CEO and for the company in question, which seems to have no concept of public relations whatsoever, but that’s not enough to make me interested. The mere fact of the interview taking place is not news in itself. It is not as if the Pope or the Dalai Lama has given an interview. (Or maybe it is news in itself. The Pope and the Dalai Lama both give more interviews than Mr. Humble.)

I assume if some actual news came out of this interview I would have heard about it by now. It would have been “something big online” or at least in the virtual world blogosphere. Then maybe I’d have to make a point of watching it. But it seems today as if the buzz about it has fizzled, if there was one. I guess I haven’t missed anything.

I suppose the point might be made that if I’m going to be taken seriously as a blogger on virtual worlds, just the fact that the CEO of LL has given an interview requires me to watch it. Well, I don’t care if I am taken seriously. I do care about being serious. And if the CEO of LL – or LL itself – ever gets serious about communicating with its users, the SL media or the world in general, then I will begin to take said CEO and company seriously. It’s a two-way street.

The fact that a CEO has given an interview is not news. It only becomes such if he or she says something newsworthy. In this case, there is no evidence that that has happened.

Or was the big news that they’re giving away a free bear avatar?


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8 Responses to Yeah, So?

  1. Well heck Danko, what were you actually expecting from Linden Lab?


  2. Mera says:

    But I suspect a big update is due any day now. MIght be that 1 he referred to 🙂 xxxx


  3. Hi Mera,

    Since I’m not watching, I can’t say what he referred to. However, there are big updates actually in progress and they have been widely blogged about for more than two months. I suspect that’s what you saw reference to.


  4. Minethere Always says:



  5. Oshi Shikigami says:

    Agreed Danko. (IMHO) LL and PR are like oil and water. The never mix well. Historically I have heard many a missive from the cats in charge of LL. None of which were any big thing, or if it was, a turn for the worse. The recent moneychanger debacle comes to mind as a fine example of the latter, were any big thing is a turn for the worse.


  6. Serra Anansi says:

    After nearly a decade in SL, I just can’t be bothered to care anymore. The good news and bad news all mash together into a slurry of “ehh and blah”. If it were not for my 20+ region estate I’d have left SL a few years ago, and even that is stuggling due to LL ignoring some core issues like group chat lag, group notices not going through, sim crossing issues (yeah I know its gotten a bit better), cronic griefer attacks and cost. But wait… did I hear you say something about a special bear avatar? Sweet mother of mamba jamba! I take it all back, LL you ROCK! /end sarcasm


  7. Jamie Wright says:

    LOL! I quite like bears myself though:)


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