And the winner is…

Following up on a recent article and in the interest of full disclosure…

I have added a 14th viewer (I never call them “clients”). I know this is still not as many as Inara has and I take comfort in that. I don’t want to be the champ in this category.

And the winner is…drum roll, please…


So many of my OpenSim friends who have multiple viewers have this one on their list.  They have good reasons for it. I can’t remember those reasons right now but I knew them when I was downloading it.

I have used it once so far. It was very nice.

That’s all I wish to say at this time. Thank you.


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3 Responses to And the winner is…

  1. Talla Adam says:

    Good choice, Danko. I use it all the time and do my Mesh and XML downloads with it. Works great!


  2. hack13 says:

    I agree that is a good choice, but sadly firestorm has really won me. I can’t live without my outfits tab, v3 has converted me…


  3. Jamie Wright says:

    I adore Singularity. It’s really easy to convert your AO to client side on the viewer. You had mentioned that region or parcel in the SL10B that wanted folks to reduce their avatar and HUD clutter so I thought I’d mention it. All you do is drop down the menu in the top folders called Singularity, then click Animation Overrider, then new notecard template. Once you have the template, take your HUD Zhao type AO and rez a copy on the ground and open it so you have a folder. Then, open up the notecard in the AO folder that’s called Default and open the new notecard template beside it on your screen. Copy and paste the details of the listed poses and walks etc from one to the obvious space on the other and save. Drop the new notecard template into the AO folder you created in inventory by opening it and as well drop a copy into the singularity AO and click reload. You may need to fuss a bit with the walks to get the one you want to be the first default but other than that it works like a charm.


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