By The Numbers

I’ve covered some of this territory recently here but what you see below is mostly new information. I had reason to join a new grid this week and that got me wondering how many I am on. I don’t think I’ve left any out…

Grids – 25

I expect this number will continue to grow but not as fast now. I am on all the major English-speaking grids (or grids where English is widely used if it’s not the first language). I’ve been an RL tourist in countries where I don’t speak the language. I think that’s easier than in VW. 🙂  Getting into some worlds and getting started in them can be quite difficult in English, never mind a language you don’t know.

And there are plenty of other worlds to add. As I say, I’m in all the major ones but obviously, with 25, I’m in some others too. And I will add a few more. But with hyperjumps available, I don’t need to collect them all.

This number does not count the ones that I will never go back to even though I still have an account. I’ve thrown out the password info. And, speaking of hyperjumps, I have visited several other grids through this means. The number 25 represents grids where I have active accounts.

Wasn’t planning to ever reveal this next number, but since the subject is numbers, how can I leave it out?

Alts in Second Life – 61

+ Danko = 62 avs

What can I say? Actually, I’ve already said it…

Alts, Danko & Me

Most Alts Elsewhere – 4

I have 5 total avs on that grid. On another I have 3 and there are several where I have 2.

Viewers – 14

Was thinking of adding a couple of others in the last few days. You wouldn’t think that would be necessary at this point, would you?

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2 Responses to By The Numbers

  1. 61 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I forgot to mention – I have had more than 62 avatars in SL. I have killed off more than 20 alts, actually cancelled their accounts. Because – when I’m done with an alt, I’m done with it!

    So you other 61…watch yourselves.


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