Wizzy And Me… And 88-Thousand Prims

Last month I saw a tweet from Wizard Gynoid that she had rezzed 79-thousand-plus prims in one region on Inworldz on its Beta grid. I replied that I’d like to see that.

A few days later, with some help from grid monkey Jim Tarber, I was on the Inworldz Beta Grid to have a look. By that time, Wizzy had topped 83-thousand prims. But she had crashed her test region about the time I arrived while adding another five-thousand. I wrote about that at the time on one of my other blogs, Danko’s Journal.

“I think I just crashed my region,” Wizzy told me after we exchanged greetings in the middle of the I’z Beta Grid.

“You went to all that trouble for me?” I said with a laugh.

“I was experimenting,” Wizzy explained. “I have this structure built there, out of 83,000 prims. It occurred to me that an octahedron would fit exactly in the middle. The top half of an octahedron is a four-sided pyramid exactly in the same proportion as the Great Pyramid of Egypt. So I put a big octahedron solid in the middle of it and adjusted the size of it. What I forgot to do was turn it phantom. Only thing I can think of is that I crashed it by putting that solid inside that complex object. I was onto something though.”

“Right, could be that did it but the next time you try, might work fine,” I said calling on my own experience with placing prim objects which paled in comparison to Wizzy’s.

Like me, Wizard Gynoid has been a Second Lifer since 2007. She was involved in experimental efforts on that grid too. From the early hyperjump testing (which SL abandoned) to setting the SL World Record for altitude.

“I went to a million meters, then a billion,” Wizzy told me.

“Wow!” was my response. “What’s it like up that high? All gray?” I asked.

“Your avatar gets distorted the higher up you go. Hence the pictures.”

“Did you sit on a prim and set it to go up high or did you have to fly up?” I asked.

“Sit on a prim will only go up to 4096 meters,” said Wizzy, “and flying takes too long.”

“Flying would take all day, lolol,” said your interviewer, “So how?”

“I used a Command Line command that’s available in the Phoenix viewer,” Wizzy informed me. “I figured it was equivalent to going to Jupiter.”

Wizzy told me of some other record-setting experiments in SL, “I set the World High-Altitude Sky Diving record too. Along with most linked prims in one object.”

While we chatted in a nearby region on the Inworldz Beta Grid, the grid monkey, Jim Tarber, was getting Wizzy’s test region, Wizzyworkz, back up and running. It only took a few minutes.

Wizzyworkz is an island region off the coast of the Beta Grid’s “Mainland.” I had not been able to TP over there myself earlier, so this time Wizzy went over first and then teleported me in.

“It takes a moment for all these prims to rez,” Wizzy cautioned. But it actually happened very quickly.

“It says its a 45,000 prim region but you have 88K on it. Is the 45K meaningless? Or do you do some trick to surpass it?” I asked.

“The 45K doesn’t mean anything, really doesn’t in OpenSim,” Wizzy told me. “You should see the object above us.”

“Yes, blue & green,” I replied.

“Apparently I have helped them find a memory problem n the physics engine by doing this,” Wizzy told me.

With Wizzy’s permission, I flew up to the 88-thousand objects. They are phantom so I had a little fun by flying around in there. Then I posed for a snap.Danko IzBeta Wizzy build

Wizzy had put the yellow pyramid back in. She thought maybe that was what had crashed the sim earlier. I couldn’t see the yellow prims from the ground but once I was up there, I could.

Danko IzBeta 1

“Jim wants me to do like a 145,000 prim object next,” Wizzy said

I let off another, “Wow!”

Jim Tarber told me that he eventually wants to have Wizzy try one of these mega-prim builds on his region on the Inworldz Main Grid.

As for Wizzy’s experiments on the Wizzyworkz region on the Beta Grid, Jim said, “We added that region specifically so Wizzy could push the limits and we could find some weaknesses. Didn’t really find any. We’ll probably have to push it harder. I suggested she push it to 500,000 prims. 😉 ”

Being there to see it first hand was a real treat for me. “Her builds are way cool,” Jim had told me, “but sometimes hard to photo due to their sheer size!” Jim shared one of his own photos with me.


photo, courtesy Jim Tarber

Meanwhile, Wizzy continues her experiments and art on the Beta Grid, “Since you came to visit there I filled the entire sim with a grid of 75,087 prims.”

huge pink cube

photo, courtesy Wizard Gynoid

“Miso Susanowa and I are working on filming a machinima there.  A preliminary test of that is on my youtube channel…”

You can see more photos of Wizard Gynoid’s work on her flickr page.

Thanks to Wizzy for inviting me to visit and experience something really different, important and fun.

Wizard Gynoid

Wizard Gynoid


With special thanks to Jim Tarber.

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  1. I did get the prim count up to about 300,000 before Jim told me to stop. I guess I was using up all the RAM on the server.


  2. There are something like 12 beta regions that share that single virtual machine with 4 GB of RAM and we need to be able to run the compiler and debugger in there too ;D

    I’m glad you’re having fun! VWs to me are all about the people you meet and connections you make. I think I met Wizzy for the first time on SL and she showed me around some of the neat things she was working on.

    I hope you continue to make great discoveries and meet new friends in the metaverse!


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    too cool …. :))


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