Summer Songs – at Storytellers Pub

UPDATE: the morning after..

We had a wonderful summery bash in Winterfell at Storytellers Pub…a crowd of about 30 total and we went twice as long with the music as planned! Thanks to all who attended.



Storytellers Pub, Winterfell Laudanum presents:

***** SUMMER SONGS! *****

One of the brightest stars of The Steamlands music and party scene – DJ Poppy – spins some of the biggest hits and best songs about summer. From The Beach Boys to John Travolta to Rascal Flats to Billie Holiday to Bananarama and more!!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 at 6p SLT

90-minutes or until you stop dancing!

(or until Danko turns into a pumpkin!)

Suggested Dress: Usually we’re pretty loose about a dress code at our events but hey, it’s summer! So let’s show it off, huh? Beach attire – any era! From itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie, yellow polka-dot bikinis to modest Victorian swimming duds. Got something for the beach in your closet that you’ve been holding for just the right event? This is it!!  (Note: it’s not a nude beach, do wear something 🙂 )

Come on up to Winterfell and celebrate Summer! (Huh?)

Host: Danko Whitfield, Winterfell Ambassador, Owner – Storytellers Pub

Storytellers Pub

6 – 7 Siddal Street

Winterfell Laudanum

Second Life


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  1. Jamie Wright says:

    “(or until Danko turns into a pumpkin!)” Careful now….I have a pumpkin avatar:)


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