How Do I Fix This?

UPDATE July 27 – all is well now. see below

Not sure about using that title. Someday I’ll want to use it again and have to call that article something else. But I’m letting that go for the moment…

Now, I am going to show you some photographs I took in Second Life. There is nothing wrong with the photographs themselves. It is the subject matter.

First, what’s wrong with my face?



Note that the ceiling texture is all wrong as well. It should be one color, a dark brown.

Next, what’s wrong with this fence along a Winterfell street? It’s very psychadellic, yes but it’s supposed to be black.

Fence in Winterfell Absinthe

Fence in Winterfell Absinthe

Other textures in that shot are also not right.

The same thing has happened to my pub.

Storytellers Pub - funkadellic version

Storytellers Pub – funkadellic version

I almost like that look.

These affects and other variations occurred after I downloaded the most recent mandatory viewer update for Second Life AND THEN downloaded the latest SL Beta Viewer. I deleted both and started again. Same thing. I think I actually re-installed the regular V3 release and found the same problem before I re-installed the Beta but I can’t recall for sure.

I assume this has something to do with all of the changes being introduced. I’m not actually interested in a detailed explanation because it will go right over my head. I just want to know: What do I do to make it stop?

Until I can, I am stuck with using Singularity which would be okay except certain people’s hair has gone wild in that viewer. Only a few people. Four of my 62 SL avatars,  for example. No, I was not testing them all. I had another reason to log them on (They all need a new place to Set Home as my premium account is expiring and I will no longer have that one last Mainland parcel). And the hair of a person I have to work with also has gone crazy. It’s all over the place and coming out their eyes and totally screwed up. I do not know if this is with all viewers or just Singularity as I haven’t been testing. I could I suppose but I thought I would just ask you instead. And if I fix the first problem, will it fix the second one as well?

I thought of IMing or emailing certain well-known people who follow these changes and updates – and who are on my friends list – but I do hate to bother them directly. So, instead I have chosen to publicly display my lack of knowledge and probably bother these exact same people. But indirectly, which just doesn’t seem quite as intrusive.

Don’t explain what’s causing it. Just tell me how to fix it.

Thank you.


UPDATE July 27 – Even though I had done this twice before since the last SL V3 update, I did a complete, clean reinstall of the official viewer this morning, starting with a brand new download of the viewer. All is working fine now. And the four alts whose hair rezzed wildly, look just fine in SL V3 and Singularity. Never mind. 



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3 Responses to How Do I Fix This?

  1. Ada Radius says:

    Yer graphics card is goin nuts.
    When it happened to me this is what I had to do, which took me days to figure out and considerable help from a techie friend: Uninstall all viewers, and delete all the files on your hard drive relating to them. They’re under your program files, and also in AppData files, roaming and local, depending on the viewer. Then reboot.
    Then, if you’re going to go hopping around the OS metaverse as well as in SL, install the most recent OS-compliant version of Firestorm, which I believe is Phoenix_Firestorm-Release_4-2-2-29837_Setup.exe. If you need/want to fool around with specular and normal mapping, then Kokua also. Imprudence if you need its features. I also like Dolphin for taking pretty screencapture. Don’t set up Talk in more than one viewer, and FS is the best for Talk of these; never in Imprudence, which borks Talk settings in all the other viewers. If you reinstall the SL viewers, graphics could go borky again, so don’t, unless you only live iSL on that computer. The OS version of Firestorm works fine in SL.


    • complete fresh reinstall of ALL viewers? holy moly! i have 13 viewers right now. i don’t think i’m doing that yet. this problem started in SL with the july 9th mandatory V3 version. i have been to numerous other grids since then with other viewers, without any troubles. so i don’t think i’m doing that. certainly not at this point.


  2. Mera says:

    I have heard you shouldnt have both Linden viewers on the same computer. They sort of mix up between them. Use 1 of them and singularity or kokua as the other. But i dunno if that fixes the colours tho… update your graphic drivers?


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