The Journey Continues…

Well, I guess when you’ve been writing a blog for a year, you’re supposed to do some kind of retrospective piece or other.

Or is it just an easy way to write a post without having to actually come up with a topic for a post?

(The answer is yes but I’m going to pretend I’m operating on a higher level than that.)

I first started blogging about virtual worlds in May of 2010. That was my RP blog, Steaming Along, which continues to be published to this day.

Sometimes I dealt with virtual world issues within my storytelling on that blog. In October of last year, as I branched out from Second Life and into OpenSim in a serious way because I finally had the time to do so, I took the opportunity to branch out with my virtual world writing as well.

I established this blog, Journey To The Center Of The Metaverse, on December 1, 2012. It’s been surprising and rewarding to watch the readership grow and especially to be acknowledged by other bloggers who have been writing about virtual issues for a long time.

I don’t compete with them – it would be silly to try. 🙂 I’m just adding another voice to the mix, another perspective.

My purpose with this blog is summed up elsewhere on these pages…

“Here I write analysis, commentary/opinion on the virtual issues of the day, often with my own experiences as an example. Occasionally I “break” a story though that is not my mission here. There are also features on people, places, things I bump into around the Metaverse that I think readers might find interesting.”

I look forward to continuing this approach in the coming year.

For now, let me take this opportunity to Thank You Very Much for reading this blog and for the feedback you’ve given me.

With the anniversary of the start date coming up, I went back over the last 12 months and picked out some articles that people have told me were their favorites, along with a few favorites of my own. Some long, some brief, some in-between.

If you’re relatively new to this blog or in case you missed them…here’s my greatest hits collection…

About This Blog

This is the very first article I wrote for this blog. It appeared as the first post and later I moved it to a permanent page.

What Is ‘Primmy’ Now?

Joining Kitely caused me to rethink the whole concept of what is “too many” prims.

Being Danko Whitfield

How I started down this virtual road and the whole name selection thing.

Getting Started

My first days in SL.

Evergreen: A Myst/Uru-inspired World on Kitely

A quick profile of my world on Kitely with links to further background.

In The Meantime…

The state of Second Life and Linden Lab at the start of the year.

dio Or No dio?

It was the greatest creation in the history of the internet – and I just didn’t get it at the time. Oh…no, wait…I must be thinking of something else.

Virtual Business 101

My #1 gripe with Content Creators – then and now!

Content Creator Rights Doomed?

This article is not about legal rights, it is a bigger problem for Content Creators –  changing attitudes

Second Life VS. OpenSim

Chocolate ice cream is a wonderful flavor and if you want, you can just eat that one flavor for your entire life. As for me, I prefer variety.

Land In Second Life

I let my SL premium account expire at the end of August. If LL would do one simple thing, they would win me back as a premium…and they’d fill up a lot of that abandoned Mainland…and they’d make people happy and give them new enthusiasm about SL. But happy customers is not an LL priority. (I wonder what is?)

C’mon, Put The User Numbers On My Login Screen

“…If you post declining numbers on your page, people will say you’re dying and more people will leave. Funny, turns out if you don’t post declining numbers on your page, people say you’re dying and more people leave…”


And speaking of variety…

Alts, Danko & Me

Alts – why? Let me count the ways. (I need to borrow more fingers and toes to do it.)

Hey Kids, What Time Is It?

The case for standardizing virtual time.

SLB10: The Reluctant Tourist

A party poop visits Second Life’s birthday bash.

All My Dankos (With Historic Photo)

Includes my favorite description of a photo…

Viewers – The Sequel

Give me more!!

Wizzy And Me…And 88-Thousand Prims

And speaking of more…

Free Land

If you’re going to do something, do it right. Don’t give me next to nothing and tell me you’re giving me something big. That’s stupid.


I never imagined I’d be doing something like this.

The Free Metaverse

What is this ‘free’ you speak of?

In the event of my demise…

I still haven’t done it yet…but I’m thinking about it a lot.

About Danko Whitfield

writer, explorer of virtual worlds. semi-retired time traveler.
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2 Responses to The Journey Continues…

  1. Minethere Always says:

    I agree with what you said in your “primmy” blog. It is really all relative. As you had also blogged about Wizzy’s 88k prims, this just makes the point of the earlier blog you did.

    Sometime soon after I had read you Wizzy blog, and only coincidently, I had rezzed out 381k prims on my friend’s hyped up simulator test region in the Metro Test Grid they have now. I could have done even more but I got tired of rezzing 1500 prim linksets over and over again…lol

    The tech changes from grid to grid, and how the OS instance is run and the hardware involved, and what is good enough for one person, or a wow thing for another, it is all relative-))

    Nice retrospective-))


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