New Meta City

Something completely different for me.

I’m not a builder. Sure, I build stuff but it’s simple stuff. No mesh, no sculpties, just plain prims. (What is a physical prim anyway? In ten words or less please.) And I only make buildings. That’s all I’m interested in making.

Yeah, I’ve “built” towns in SL and had renters and shopkeepers and everything. All pre-fab buildings. I started my virtual life in SL in 2007 and only recently got over feeling inferior when other people see something I made. It’s not that I’m any better at it, just that it doesn’t bother me anymore.

And I’m no designer either. I mean for an individual building. I can layout a town with the best of them. I’m actually very good at that. But it’s not a service you can sell. 😦  Even though some very good builders of buildings who can “build your whole sim” stink at laying out a town. But that’s neither here nor there.

So this is a giant step for me. And probably the only time I’ll ever do anything like this. This is kind of like an Exclusive! One Night Only!!

I made some art. Me! 🙂

It’s a whole region. It’s called New Meta City. A modern/futuristic modular city. A simple, fun build by a simple, fun builder.

The amazing thing is…it’s the freakin’ coolest thing to visit! So I’m inviting you.

New Meta City on Kitely

New Meta City on Kitely

It’s on Kitely:

How did this happen? Well, I made the first building back in February for my personal grid, Dankoville. I needed a few buildings it to fill in some space in a small city. And I wanted something I hadn’t seen somewhere else. So I made a three-story building. I didn’t want to spend time on finding textures so I decided to just use the Blank texture with two or three variations of the same color. It was just a building that would be in the background.

It came out pretty good. So I made a five story version and used a different base color. And then a two-story version. That was it.

A couple months later I was uploading those three buildings to Kitely. Had no need for them there, was just doing it for possible future use. And hit me, I could do one of those modular design kinda things with these buildings. I wasn’t serious about it. But I just started messing around. A few hours later, I had New Meta City.

If you go to visit on Kitely…

Set the time to Midnight for best experience. (However, some of my friends tell me it’s really fun to mess around with the sky settings. I’m going to try that myself at some point.)

It’s fun to walk or cam around but try flying…fly up and down the streets just above ground level. Also try going up to about the fifth floor level and fly all around. 🙂

It’s free to visit. UPDATED May 19 — Here’s the brand new HG address: Meta City

I got more pics. On flickr:

But believe me, looking at the photos does not compare to going inworld. It really is a fun immersive experience.

You want one? You can download a copy of the OAR on OpenSim Creations here:

And you can put it on your own region. And you can mess around with it too. The licensing info is on the OSC page.

Nearly 15,000 plain prims. No scripts. Only textures are windows and planters (by Linda Kellie) and the Blank texture is used in all the buildings and streets (by me!). So this OAR loads right up quickly.

This is presented as an exhibit but – if you can handle the prim count – could easily be modded to be a shopping center or dance venue. (Only the ground floor level of the buildings are currently accessible.)

If you use the OAR, let me know. And if it’s somewhere I can visit, I will. 🙂

And if you visit my original on Kitely, I’d be interested in your comments.


Look Ma, I’m a virtual Andy Warhol!!


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