Kitely Opens to Hypergrid

Kitely, “the largest commercial provider of OpenSim regions,” has opened its doors to the Hypergrid. The announcement was made today on the company’s blog.

Kitely users found HG enabled on Sunday and the word spread by various means including this thread on the Kitely forums. Kitely CEO Ilan Tochner had said publicly that the HG connection would be made soon and when it was announced Saturday on the forums that the grid would be going offline for two hours of maintenance that night at midnight PST, active users assumed “this is it!” Tochner did nothing in the forums to tamp down the enthusiasm and the cat was out of the bag. (Hi Marstol!)

My first test of the HG-enabled Kitely was on Sunday morning. With the Singularity viewer, I logged my OSgrid avatar into Wright Plaza and, using the World Map, entered the HG address for my Kitely region, New Meta City. I teleported to Kitely and landed in a Kitely Transfer Station where I received the message that the world I was entering was being started up. As soon as I clicked on the OK button to close that message, I was transported to New Meta City which rezzed quickly. Ta-da!!

I looked around my Kitely avatar’s fine sim for a couple minutes and then HG’d out of Kitely, jumping to my personal mini-grid Dankoville. It all went quite smoothly.

Later, with the Firestorm viewer I logged my Kitely avatar into my sim, Aquaetas, using the big blue button on the World Page for Aquaetas. From there I teleported to Wright Plaza on OSgrid and then to Dankoville grid. All went smoothly again.

I decided to return to Kitely. I wondered if I could do that by clicking the big blue button on a World Page on the Kitely website. Nope. You do it the same way as when you HG anywhere else, enter the HG address in the World Map of your Viewer. I did and once again teleported to a Kitely Transfer station while my world started up. The wait was about one second.

(If you haven’t been to Kitely lately, the wait time for a world to start up was reduced further awhile back. In fact, there barely is any wait time anymore – one or two seconds is the norm. Because of this, I had not even been in a Kitely Transfer Station in quite sometime, no need for it.)

I did one more test. I logged a Kitely alt inworld. He has a Regular Account, a free account. I found he was able to HG to other grids without any trouble and without being charged Kitely Credits, just as he can visit any Kitely world that is free to users with Regular Accounts.

One thing I’m curious about which I have not tested yet is whether you can use Teleport Home while on another grid and return to Kitely.

From looking at the My Worlds page on my Kitely dashboard, I can see I’ve already had visitors from other grids in my Kitely worlds, the first was an OSgrid avatar who visited Aquaetas.

This is a big day for Kitely and it’s users and because of the cross-grid Kitely Market as well as the company’s approach to making improvements and contributing the code back to OpenSim, this may very well be remembered as a big day for virtual worlds as a whole.

And finally, for all of you naysayers who have been whining for months that Kitely “will never go HG,” it’s now time for you to come forward and admit you had your head up your butt…assuming you can move forward in that position.

And it’s time for me to say: I told you so. 🙂




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  4. Filbert Holmer says:

    Yep, it works. I teleported from Meridian on the Windring Grid to New Meta City, then to Dragons’ Teeth on Kitely, then on to Dankoville. I am quite impressed.


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