Whitfield Goes On Virtual Killing Spree, 12 Dead

I wish to confess to another round of avatar killings in Second Life. I’m trying to get my “total altage” down to a manageable size.

I was up to 67 avatars on that one grid – or something like that. It just kinda got outta hand there. So one night, a few months ago, when no one was looking…I killed off twenty of them. In their sleep.

They went quietly in the night.

Yes, I could just forget about them but I need virtual closure! So I delete their accounts.

It is quite satisfying actually. I highly recommend it.

But even after that last slaughter, there were still too many of them! The urge to purge them had died (bad bad pun) but I knew it would build up inside me again.

Late last night, after midnight it was, I told a friend, “I feel like killing me some alts.”

Down to just 35 avatars in SL now. (I’ll bet their collective inventories are smaller than some individuals!) Can’t kill off anymore…at least not today.

Fourteen of those remaining are characters in my stories. Creating the actual avs is like part of the writing process for me. (Plus I get a kick out of the idea that a reader might look to see if there really is an avie by that name…and there is! And there is more to their story in their profile!)

Three of them are for “administrative purposes” – I need somebody to start a group with; back up inventories; etc.

One is my main av. Everybody needs a main av.

That leaves just seventeen that I can’t justify.

They’d better run if they see me coming.

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writer, explorer of virtual worlds. semi-retired time traveler.
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