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My Devokan friend Ruby O’Degee coined the word “storybuilding” some time back to describe the process that combines the building of virtual world spaces and the writing of the story that goes with them.  This is a creative process like many others where sometimes one aspect comes first, sometimes its the other. It reminds me very much of songwriting. Sometimes I write the words first, sometimes the music. Sometimes I write them both at once. With storybuilding, sometimes the build leads to writing a story, sometimes a written story inspires the build. Often the building and writing evolve together. Ruby is not a roleplayer but I throw RP into the mix of writing and building as well.

A storybuilding project is underway on Dankoville. From Day 1, the Dankoville mini-grid was a place for me to use as a story setting, to visualize story, to build it, inspire it. Then my friend and fellow writer Jamie Wright came on board and began writing stories from Dankoville. She has created avatars on the grid and I have given her space to build places for them. We’ve formed the Dankoville Story Group and have a members-only place online to share storyline and character info and coordinate story telling.

Jamie is also a veteran roleplayer (she runs the Augurey Peak RP on Metropolis grid) and so we are beginning to RP on Dankoville, bringing our various characters together and creating more fodder and inspiration for our blog stories.

We’ve just started a new blog which will take all of our Dankoville-related stories from our own blogs and repost them, all in one place. I suspect there will be original material on the new blog as well, as possibly other writers and RPers join us or as some of our characters who don’t have their own blog decide they want to write something.

The new blog is Dankoville Stories. With the different storylines, characters, authors, the blog ends up being the story of a small town, told from various perspectives.

You’re invited to take a look. 🙂

For more info on the Dankoville grid itself, go here: Dankoville website

To visit and explore Dankoville, HG address: http://tanglegrid.net:8102/ dankoville

If you’re interested in joining the Dankoville Story Group, writing or roleplaying in a Small town, farm life genre, get in touch with me. via Google+ Facebook, Twitter or by blog comment.

Driving pas The Evergreen Pub in Dankoville

Driving by The Evergreen Pub in Dankoville

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