Testing 1, 2, 3…

At some point, by some means, I will be upgrading Dankoville to OpenSim 0.8. There are tech issues to resolve but even if there were none, there are creative concerns and storylines that must also be addressed before I can move forward.

A big issue is that the layout of the towns and farms will have to be reconfigured to fit within a variable region. I have several ideas about how to do this but the only way to find out whether they work and whether I actually like them was to try a var region and see what happens.

Yesterday, I spent a ridiculous number of hours messing around with ArribaSim after reading Maria Korolov’s story about it. I did as much additional reading as I could do – there’s not much info available and most of it is in German so I could hit trouble due to translation issues alone. I believe I found the instructions on enabling Hypergrid for Arriba. I could have spent the whole day trying to see if I could get that to work but I wasn’t in the mood for that.

Instead I used it as Arriba-on-a-Stick just to testdrive the var region. At the end of the day, I had an OAR of Dankoville grid on a var region that is equivalent to a 5×5 (25 standard-size regions). If I decide to go with that size region, I’m basically ready to rock right now.

The coolest part was being able to assign a specific spot to the OARs I uploaded since I was not confined to the standard region lines. So I could put some space in between my towns…which eventually would be filled by farm fields, woods, streams, hills, etc. I added several “regions” as well. One was a small city that I easily turned 90 degrees by using a new OpenSim 0.8 feature.

Another fun thing was taking two incomplete regions I’d been working on in SoaS and overlapping them on the 5×5, creating one new area that needs some tweaking but is basically done.

I have about 65,000 prims on the 5×5 version of the grid right now. It is certainly not script-heavy. It ran fine. Will it do so with another 15 to 30-thousand prims, more scripts (but still not a lot) and ten avatars roleplaying or exploring?

A var region equivalent to a 4×4 is another option for me and I will be looking into that as well. Fewer prims involved but still more than 65,000. (The current Dankoville grid has 14 regions and about 55,000 prims at the moment.)

As for Arriba itself, aside from Hypergrid connectivity, so far I only have two concerns…

Every time I reboot it, my land disappears and I’m left with a lot of buildings, cornfields and roads sitting on an ocean of water. I tried a couple things but the only one that worked is to reload the latest save of my OAR every time I boot Arriba up.

Using the World Map to TP was glitchy for a while after startup/rebooting. I did not investigate this yet.

Unfortunately, I have to take Dankoville offline to do this testing. I put it back up when I finish testing and I try to keep the Grid Status page on the Dankoville website up to date.

Yeah, you’re right, there’s no conclusion here… hey, it was only one day of testing. Ain’t got no conclusions yet. 🙂


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