What It Is

k…I’m tired of the constant “SL sucks because…” or “OpenSim sucks because…” or “Such-and-Such grid sucks because…” …from the same people over and over and over and over and over again. And the righteous indignation and gleeful boasting of “I don’t go there anymore”  – which is often a lie in fact.

Maybe some grid does suck. More likely it’s the managers of that grid or part of the management. Or it might suck because of other users.

k, you don’t like that grid. Are you ever going to get over it? Or are you just going to bore the hell out of all of us until the point that we pay you no attention anymore?

My advice is: get a grip.

Or maybe even: grow up.

cuz guess what?

RL sucks at times too. Lots of times. But I refuse to leave that grid voluntarily. Instead, I use it for my own purposes and I have fun in spite of all the troubles caused by RL’s managers (as well as by other users).

They’ll have to cancel my account to get rid of me.

You feel me?


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