Dankoville On Tangle OS

Yup, I’m with ya. I’m lookin’ at that headline and I’m saying, “What the hell is that?”

When we last left our hero – that would be me – it was the end of August and he was shutting down Dankoville grid to tend to a very busy RL in the month of September and a tad beyond. He was leaving all thoughts of how to proceed with his little piece of the Metaverse until after this busy period.

Well, dear friends, about a week ago he…err, me…I finally had time to sit down and think about my options. In fact, a couple of new options came into the picture during my hiatus. A couple nights ago, with appropriate beverages assembled, I reviewed the notes I had made in thinking through and researching the various options over the past week. And this was the conclusion I came to:

I dunno.

(Yes, as regular readers know, this is a familiar place for me to be.)

The sheer number of options and their various pros and cons are rather overwhelming. And so I pushed aside thoughts of solving the big puzzle, finding the long-term answers and decided to focus on this one chunk:

What do I have to do in order to have fun right now?

This limited the options to just a few. I randomly grabbed one and pursued it very briefly. I saw a potential dead end ahead – maybe not, I could return to this at a later date – but I was not in the mood for any roadblocks. I was in the mood for fun. I could easily have just put the matter of Dankoville’s future aside for awhile – well, maybe not so easily…but I could if I had to – and just pursued other projects for now. I have my hands full with projects, in fact. But there was one more option to consider before I did that.

I took a shot at it without a lot of preparation just to see if it would work. It did. I have uploaded Dankoville to the new Tangle OS grid. Not to be confused with Tangle grid. Which is run by the same people. Confused?

I had not thought about connecting my mini-grid to an actual grid until very recently. It’s interesting. I  run the regions from home and Tangle OS handles the rest – accounts, groups, inventory, etc. As I’m in the mood to deal with less business and more art right now, that kinda fits. Nothing new about this type of operation, just that I hadn’t tried it and Tangle OS is new at it too.

So I’ve set up operations there and run a day of tests. And now I’m inviting my friends over. That would be you. 🙂

Before you go, as they say, there is one known issue so far that I should mention — sometimes it takes a minute to TP. I mean that literally. One minute. A little over a minute actually. About 1:10 or so. You expect it to time out and you’re gonna crash but you never do! Well, almost never. You just have to wait. Go get a refill and when you’re back, you’re there! It’s amazing really. LOL. Again, this is only sometimes. Other times you’re whippin’ around there instantaneously. That wicked fast VarRegion flavor of TP. Really. I don’t have any answers yet, still gathering info about this and taking notes. I wouldn’t normally mention it before mentioning it to the grid owners – if that becomes necessary – but since I’m asking you to visit, I thought I should warn you. But seriously, the TP goes through almost every time! Just be patient.

I have three regions on Tangle OS. One is DankoLand Sandbox. Don’t go there! It’s open to group members only and trying to TP there will just get you all messed up. Then you may very well crash. Your own damn fault, I warned ya! Whippersnapper.

Lemme see here…lemme fish out some HG addresses so you can do a fly-by…

The main region, sort of my Mainland is Dankoville. It’s a 1024×1024 VarRegion. That’s like a 4×4 or 16 standard-size regions. It should be as easy as jumping here:

http://tanglegrid.net:8102/ dankoville

Should be that’s it, you’re there. No reason to read further.

Or not. If you can’t get here from there – wherever “there” may be, you can try jumping to the nearby Dankoville Transfer Station (I stole the name from Kitely!) to get yourself into the neighborhood.

http://tanglegrid.net:8102/ dankoville transfer station

When you get to the Dankoville Transfer Station, there’s a sign with a Landmark Giver. You can use that LM or type Dankoville into your World Map or double click on the World Map or make up your own way. Some work better than others.

Yes the above addresses are written correctly. I just can’t get wordpress to display them properly. Yes, there’s a space after the slash. No, you don’t click on them here silly, you copy & paste the entire address whether wordpress lights it up or not and you put that in your World Map’s search box in your virtual world viewer.

Now if you strike out on both of those, you could try the main Welcome Area of Tangle OS grid and then type Dankoville into your World Map search box and come over that way.


Tangle OS is located way down in the 1000,1000 locale of a hypergrid near you, so some of you might hit the old 4096 bug. That means you don’t get a non-stop flight. You might try going first to Shaun Emerald’s gift to the Metaverse, the Sanctuary Eld hyperport, and then jumping to Dankoville from there.


But try to remember you’re on the way to Dankoville and don’t be stoppin’ off, looking all around Shaun’s excellent grid. No, get on over to Dankoville. Pronto! You can always go back to Shaun’s grid later. You’d better!

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