New Meta City Is Closing

Happy New Year!

Like everyone else, I have my virtual plans for 2015. Those plans include closing some things to make way for others.

By January 10th or so, my New Meta City exhibit on Kitely will be closing. That gives you one more week to come over and take a look!

New Meta City – Kitely World Page

I’m going to be using elements of this build in a couple of future projects that I plan to host on Kitely in the coming months so stay tuned to this channel for news on that down the road.

In the meantime, I am very happy to pass along the news that the new Creative Citizen Grid has chosen the New Meta City build for it’s Welcome Center and Leighton Marjoram of CCG has been putting his own touches on the build to get it ready for multiple uses. I am very pleased to see my build used in this way, especially on a grid that celebrates creativity and diversity.

Thanks to all who visited New Meta City on Kitely over the past several months.

New Meta City

New Meta City

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