One Giant Leap Backward For Blogkind

Yes, the design of this blog has changed. Again. I’m not happy with it either. I believe this is the fourth wordpress template I’ve used since I started this blog in December 2012 and I haven’t actually liked any of them. But heck, they’re free, so I can’t complain. Right? Well…

I almost liked the last one. It’s called Sequential. I was going to stick with it even though I was only about 80-percent happy with it because I don’t think my happy meter can go higher than that for a template.

Unfortunately the Like button was broken. And the Reblog button. Not for everyone apparently but for most people, including me. When my typist tried to Like one of my posts (it was plugging his site, of course), the Like button reacted as if he was trying to post it to Facebook. And the Reblog button was scrambled up with some other action.

I have a test blog where I do my prep whenever I’m creating a new blog or updating an old one. The Sequential theme works fine on my test blog. But when I activate it here, it doesn’t. Even activating another template and then re-activating Sequential doesn’t work.

You say I should contact wordpress about this? That doesn’t work either.

When I’m looking at my wordpress dashboard and that cute little (read: annoying) “How can we help you today?” dialog box comes up, I type one word and then when I hit the spacebar, that dialog box disappears.

I knew that was a waste of time anyway, I was just playing along so I could say, “yeah, I told them about it.”

I’m not sure how many blogs I have at the moment for myself and my pen names but there are quite a few. So I’m already using a bunch of free wordpress templates and I like each one to look different. I can’t find another one at the moment that is acceptable both functionally and aesthetically. And yes, I’m only considering the free ones.

So in desperation, I have reverted to an earlier time. I think I used this template for an old blog for a pen name I killed off a few years ago. You can tell it’s an ancient template just from the name, it’s called Twenty Ten. To be clear: I don’t want this one. I’m using it until I feel like messing around with this some more. Which could be tomorrow or six months from now.

Assuming the buttons work.

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  3. George Miner says:

    Testing 1,2,3.
    I hope I make it past the censors.

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