Radio Danko Is On The Air!

You’ve probably asked yourself many times over the years, “What if there was a radio station programmed by a time traveler?”

Well, now there is! Yours truly has entered the arena of internet radio.

It started in the usual way. One day I was bemoaning the fact that two of my favorite music streams had gone away. The next day I was starting my own.

I wanted a cross-genre stream that I could use in some of my virtual world places, a stream that played hits and familiar songs along with album cuts and novelties. A station that would play Ian and Sylvia along with Bruno Mars.

The music mix is heavy on the classics – classic rock, classic soul, classic pop, classic country. There’s blues and folk. And a few old standards too. And a little jazz. Then add a layer of new songs by new artists from those same genres as well as new songs by older artists.

Core artists range from Bob Dylan, The Band, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, The Rolling Stones, Jerry Garcia, Joni Mitchell, Richard Thompson, Van Morrison, Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty to Mumford & Sons, The Avett Brothers, Green Day, Lyle Lovett, Adele, Alicia Keys, Amy Winehouse, Fountains of Wayne and Rufus Wainwright.

But that just scratches the surface.

“Absurdly eclectic” is one of the slogans I’ve been kicking around.

It hit me that there are not many reasonable explanations for such a format. Time travel could definitely fit. It would probably be more interesting than the real story. And it would probably make more sense too. So I named the station after a time traveler. Me.

And so Radio Danko began broadcasting from the virtual world to the real world.

The direct link to listen online or inworld…(link updated March 2016)…

If you want to see the song titles and artists’ names as you listen, go here…

The website…

The stream has been running for a week and as I’ve been listening to it, I’ve been thinking about my character, the semi-retired time traveler. In my stories, he has spent a lot of time living in the 1870s and he comes from a very musical family. As the music stream played, I imagined him spending extensive time living a hundred years later, and falling in love with the songs of the 1960s and 1970s. When the time comes for him to return to the 19th century, he realizes this music has become too important to him to leave behind.

So he takes it with him. It’s not easy lugging a large record collection through time. Not to mention the applicable playback devices. And a boatload of batteries.

As time goes on, he continues to investigate this music. That leads him to collect examples of the music that came in the decades leading up to that period as well as the music that it morphed into in successive decades. And to collect an array of playback devices. And a wide variety of batteries.

He is fascinated by the fact that so many musical styles existed at the same point in time. He loves both the most pure example of each style as well as the various hybrid combinations. He dreams of finding a way to dump all of this music into one delivery system, where all he has to do is push one button and the songs play themselves, skipping around from one genre to the next. And all he has to do is listen.

That day has finally come.

You can listen too.

I hope you will. It’s the only way Radio Danko can stay on the air. I’m using the free Radionomy platform. They require that a station maintain a certain amount of listeners…or else! No, they won’t start charging me a fee, they just pull the plug instead.

Radio Danko is therefore, listener-supported. But I don’t want your money, I just want your ears. Please give Radio Danko a try. If you like it, the more often you listen and the longer you listen, the better the chances of keeping this stream alive.

When you like something, you want to tell your friends about it. Right? Well, you can do me a big favor then. If you like Radio Danko’s eclectic music mix, please give it a mention in social media and give your friends the address for the webpage…

Thanks for listening and thanks for your help. I hope you enjoy Radio Danko. I’m having a ball with it. 🙂

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writer, explorer of virtual worlds. semi-retired time traveler.
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  2. By the way…
    It’s Bob Dylan’s rezday on Sunday and Radio Danko is celebrating with Bob Dylan Week. Today through Wednesday, six days over which The Bob will be our featured artist. We’re playing extra Dylan tracks as well as some of the best covers of Dylan songs.

    Yes, just six days in Bob Dylan Week. Even a Radio God must take a day of rest.

    Listen online:

    Listen inworld:



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