Hi, High Fidelity

High Fidelity has opened to the general public this week. I read about it on Inara Pey’s fine blog. I’ve just downloaded it and logged in.

First I was the default avatar, then I selected the male starter av from a menu.

High Fidelity Starter Av

So far all I can do is spin around in a circle and move up and down. The instructions about what keys to use to move forward and back aren’t working for me. I’m using keyboard and mouse, you’ll be better off with a game controller or HMD.

I also have no Mic. I’ll have to buy one as it appears that is the only way to communicate. I knew it was silly to log in without a mic but that didn’t stop me. 🙂

Once I figure out how to move around, I’ll see if I can go someplace. I’m wondering how I will communicate to others that I can’t talk to them.

I actually think it’s fun to be a noob and have no idea what to do!

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