How do I save one section of a Varregion?

Another in our series, “Using OpenSim” (i just made that up)

Question: How do I save one section of a Varregion?

Short answer: You can’t.

Longer Answer: You can’t but here’s how to do it anyway…

I’ve been working on a project in a 768 var. Usually I work on each section in a standard region and then load it to the var. This gives me complete flexibility in arranging or re-arranging the var and in loading the latest updates without having to reload the entire var.

The other night inspiration hit while I was inworld on the var and i made a bunch of changes to one section. “You shouldn’t be doing this,” a little voice in my head said. “I’ll just have to keep working on the var as a whole, I won’t use the single region production system anymore,” I replied. “You’ll be sorry,” said that voice. But I kept going anyway and when I was done, I was very happy with my changes. But I scolded myself for doing it that way and changing my production system without thinking it through first.

There isn’t a command at present to save one section of a var. So how can I do it anyway?

I knew from using the –displacement feature that I could move a single-region-size section to a new position. I’ve moved buildings with all of their contents in Dankoville from one spot to another within the same section (or into other sections) via OAR many times….just one building at a time without affecting anything else. If you know how to do that, you know how to do this…

The 768 var I refer to above is a work in progress. If we think of it as nine squares in a 3×3, so far three squares are filled – the center square, the square to the east of center and the square in the northeast corner. The other squares are empty. It’s that center square that I worked on inworld the other night. I want a copy of just that section.

So I moved the whole thing over one section, toward the southeast corner. I loaded the OAR of the var and included the command:
–displacement <-256,-256,0>
Now the center square was in the southeast corner. I went inworld and cut a parcel around that section/region. I then deleted (Return) all of the prims outside of that parcel. Then I joined the two parcels again. I saved an OAR.

I loaded that OAR into a standard region. Then I saved an OAR.

Now I have that center section with my latest work in an OAR file all by itself, ready to work on in a standard region or load to a var and place it anywhere I want.

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