Dankoville Reconstruction Project, Phase 2

The basic layout of the new Dankoville grid has been online for a few weeks now. All of the regions from the old layout are here, they’ve been spread out across the much larger space on the new grid, leaving a lot of empty space between them. That is my new canvas, my new blank page.

I’ve tinkered with things here and there and made some new things for the familiar places and I’ve created a few new places in the open space. Now I’m ready to figure out how to bring all these places together as I fill in the blanks.

Connecting the existing places might be a good next step so I’ve been thinking about how the road system should be laid out. The idea of building a tunnel or a bridge somewhere seems like fun but that requires having something to tunnel through or under and having something to put a bridge over. I’ve been messing around with the tunnel idea in a sandbox and now I’m studying the map for just the right spot to put in a river for a bridge (or bridges) to cross.

I’m leaving Dankoville online 24/7 while I’m working and planning. Feel free to visit.

HG address:



About Danko Whitfield

writer, explorer of virtual worlds. semi-retired time traveler.
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