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The Communications Gap in Virtual Worlds

No, this article is not about how Linden Lab ignores its customers…though it couldda been. 🙂 My friend, Han Held is partially to blame for the following outpouring of thoughts that are connected even if I don’t connect them very … Continue reading

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Calling All OpenSim Fans: How Often Do You Use Second Life? And Why? (Meme Alert!)

Over at OpenSim City I have posted in the forums, a list of questions aimed at getting OpenSim fans’ thoughts about Second Life. Obviously many people in OpenSim started in Second Life and later left it behind, while some others made … Continue reading

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In the event of my demise…

A close relative is in his last days and we are dealing with all that entails in both emotional and practical terms. This morning I had to begin to tell others where things are at, to spread the word quietly … Continue reading

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I’ve been investigating “other” virtual worlds lately. Just curious. An explorer at heart, I guess. I’ve played in Second Life for five years and continue to do so. Recently, due to changes in RL, I had the occasion to rethink … Continue reading

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Being Danko Whitfield

Hi, my name is Danko, and I’m an avatar. I’m not sure when I first heard about virtual reality but I first wrote about it in 1991. From time to time I’d bump into an article about it and I … Continue reading

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