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Linden Lab Announces New CEO

Breaking News! On Wednesday, LL named Ebbe Altberg as its new CEO. my Tweet from Wednesday: “Linden Lab announces new policy: No more alts, only altbergs.” Meanwhile, Ziki Questi tweeted to Ebbe Altberg that his avatar name should be: Alt Linden. He … Continue reading

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Linden Lab Ex-Change$ Course Again!

Is anybody in charge over there? Probably not but LL just keeps stumbling along. Inara Pey reports on today’s chapter of the Currency Exchange Policy soap opera… http://modemworld.wordpress.com/2013/05/17/lab-launches-authorised-l-resellers/

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Why Do I Blog? – A Meme

I have never participated in a Meme. In fact, it wasn’t really all that long ago that I had to look up the word ‘meme’ to see what it was all about. I think it was when I kept bumping … Continue reading

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Thank You, Inara Pey

Exactly one month ago I posted a lengthy piece on this blog about what Linden Lab should do in the short term while we wait for them to solve the big problems with Second Life in the long term. It … Continue reading

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