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New Meta City UPDATED

At the end of April, I opened a new exhibit on Kitely called New Meta City. It was inspired by Fortunato Depero’s New York 1930 which I saw many years ago at an exhibit in Salzburg. The bright colors and … Continue reading

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Wizzy And Me… And 88-Thousand Prims

Last month I saw a tweet from Wizard Gynoid that she had rezzed 79-thousand-plus prims in one region on Inworldz on its Beta grid. I replied that I’d like to see that. A few days later, with some help from … Continue reading

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In my earlier post, What Is “Primmy” Now?, I mentioned that Kitely was already working on decreasing the amount of load time involved in landing in a sim. Since that post, Kitely has made an announcement on that subject.

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What Is “Primmy” Now?

Recently I read a comment by a critic of Kitely, calling it a “primmy” world. Well, yeah, Kitely is primmy. It gives you more prims than anybody else! But that’s not what the critic meant, of course. Usually the implication … Continue reading

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