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Dankoville on Naras Nook grid

Dankoville is my OpenSim home. Dankoville is open to all visitors to explore, write, roleplay or just hang out. It’s online 24/7, give or take the odd glitch. Located on Naras Nook grid, Dankoville is accesible via Hypergrid: world.narasnook.com:8900:dankoville If I’m in … Continue reading

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Mitch Newmore’s Journal

“…there are no classical guitarists who don’t know who Eric Clapton is…” Here’s a brand new story blog written by the same guy who writes all my stuff… https://mitchnewmore.wordpress.com/ Mitch Newmore is a character in the Cedar Point RPG in … Continue reading

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Danko On Craft

First let me say that my typist and I had a bit of a row over who was going to write this piece and whose blog it would appear on. As I begin to type, I’m not sure which one … Continue reading

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Talkin’ ’bout My Worlds

My typist has banged out another of his behind-the-scenes articles about being me. In this one he seems to be trying to organize my life or my world or something along those lines. I may read it later. “Welcome To … Continue reading

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Opening Day Stories Project

Calling all writers. Dankoville Story Group presents a new, short-term writing project, something unexpected…from out of left field… Some of our very best writers started as sportswriters or dabbled in sports writing at some point in their career. From early … Continue reading

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About Dankoville

Today I want to share with you an introduction to Dankoville that I wrote a few months back for the Dankoville Story Group which has a members-only website with background on the story of Dankoville… *** The purpose of Dankoville … Continue reading

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Storytellers Group Gathers Sunday on Kitely

The monthly gathering of the Devokan Storytellers group takes place Sunday, 14 September 2014 at 15:00 UTC in the world of Devokan on Kitely grid …4p UK…11a US ET…8a US PT http://www.kitely.com/virtual-world/Paislee-Myrtle/Devokan The gathering gives RP storytellers, storybuilders and writers … Continue reading

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Dankoville On Kitely

posted this today on the Kitely forms… My OpenSim mini-grid Dankoville has “Closed for Renovations.” I hope to be self-hosting it again when a new and expanded version of the grid is ready. I’m working on the new grid in … Continue reading

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Dankoville Stories

My Devokan friend Ruby O’Degee coined the word “storybuilding” some time back to describe the process that combines the building of virtual world spaces and the writing of the story that goes with them.  This is a creative process like … Continue reading

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The Dreaming Tree

No longer am I alone in telling stories from Dankoville. An unexpected and wonderful thing has happened on my grid. A friend, virtual world enthusiast and fellow writer whom I regularly talk writing with and have RP’d with, has created … Continue reading

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