About Danko

I stole the following from my homepage, DankoWhitfield.net

Where to begin? At the beginning? Usually. Not this time though. I’ve written a bunch of these bio things over the past five years as Danko Whitfield and each one has been a little different. Must be because each time I have occasion to write one, some time has passed and I’m a little different. Maybe I should preface this with:

Contrary to previous reports…

I am what it says at the top of the page, “Writer, Explorer of Virtual Worlds.” And owner/builder of virtual places too. And citizen of virtual worlds, citizen of the Metaverse.

That’s your nutshell version. Some details:

My inworld bases are my pub in Winterfell on Second Life and my farm in Dankoville on Naras Nook grid. I have several projects in progress on Sim-on-a-Stick that I hope will go online someday. I have accounts in many worlds and do log in locally in some while using the hypergrid to jump among worlds as well.

I’m just your average virtual world user – whatever that is – who happens to be a writer. So I write about it. I have several blogs and sites, each with a different focus but all related to virtual worlds. I hope you’ll check them out.

Thanks for visiting. And if you see me inworld, do say hello.

Danko Whitfield

updated April 2015

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